HotelIQ Drives the Future of Hotel Operations through Digital Collaboration

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HotelIQ Decision Cloud is proud to be driving the future of hotel operations, as their business intelligence and analytics solution enables interdepartmental collaboration – an integral part of the future of work.

Often in pre-COVID times, siloed departments worked independently to achieve different (and often disparate) business goals; today, the hotel industry is changing drastically. As the way that we work and, how and why we engage with our internal teams is evolving, and as technology evolves with it, digital collaboration is key to the future of hotel operations.

HotelIQ Decision Cloud is not just a business intelligence and analytics solution; it’s also a collaboration platform that offers consistent, high-quality property data to previously siloed departments, facilitating inter-departmental, data-based decision making and identification of new revenue opportunities – via easy-to-use dashboards and comprehensive reports, usable by all employees, regardless of their department or role.

“When I developed HotelIQ Decision Cloud, it was very important to me to make data more accessible to the entire commercial team by breaking down the walls that traditionally exist within a hotel’s sales, marketing and revenue management departments,” said Apo Demirtas, Founder & CEO of HotelIQ. “Being in the hospitality industry from the age of 15, I knew how much those silos negatively affect a property’s ability to work cohesively, make effective strategic decisions and maximize profitability, and I knew that I could improve upon that.”

At HotelIQ, our guiding principle is ‘one set of reports for one organization,’ which minimizes interdepartmental misinformation, saves time and helps an entire organization collaborate more effectively to identify revenue opportunities.

“Business intelligence and data analytics solutions are more important than ever before,” said Demirtas. “It’s very important to have a consistent, 360-degree view of your property’s (or organization’s) performance because without it, you cannot establish effective business goals or strategies. Especially for remote teams and/or organizations who are managing multiple properties, consistent access to accurate, high-quality property data (both by hotel and organization-wide) is an operational imperative for effective, data-based decision-making, and to maximize overall profitability.”

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