GOOD FLIPPIN’ BURGERS ventures into Purpose-led Products with Good Giving Water

GOOD FLIPPIN’ BURGERS, a Mumbai and Delhi burger brand has ventured into purpose led products, by launching GOOD GIVING WATER through their initiative – GOOD GIVING LIVING.

This initiative adopts a three-pronged approach:

Good for you. A half-litre bottle of GOOD GIVING WATER contains 10-13% of the recommended daily intake of zinc.
Good for the community. 100% of the profit from sales of GOOD GIVING WATER will be used to address an issue that is a top priority for some of our communities – fresh and clean drinking water, free from chemical pollutants. The brand is working with local non-governmental organisations to implement these initiatives.
100% Recyclable. The brand encourages customers to help recycle each and every PET bottle used for GOOD GIVING WATER. These bottles are collected and recycled with the help of the task-force at Lucro Plastecycle, a company at the forefront of recycling and making recycled plastic packaging from post-consumer plastic waste for a sustainable tomorrow.

According to a report published by UNICEF in 2017, only 50% of the Indian population has access to safe drinking water, devoid of chemical contaminants and toxins. The first project to plough back the proceeds of GOOD GIVING WATER entails the installation of filtration systems to make bore-well water potable for underprivileged households in the two cities. On November 15th, GOOD FLIPPIN’ BURGERS® took its first step – distributing water filters to families living in the industrial suburb of Kalwa, in Thane near Mumbai. Over time, the GOOD FLIPPIN’ BURGERS team hopes to substantially relieve the daily stress experienced by these underprivileged communities.

Commenting on the launch of GOOD GIVING WATER, Viren D’Silva, Co-founder, GOOD FLIPPIN’ BURGERS®, said: “We are elated to introduce GOOD GIVING WATER as a part of our brand portfolio in keeping with our brand ethos of love. Over the past few years, the consumer mindset has seen a sea change in its awareness and concern for sustainability. As part of our ‘internal vision’ board, we at GFB, have always been mindful of the sustainability of our products and processes, and now we want to take it a step further, as we believe millennial and Gen-Z consumers are eager to participate in this increasingly critical dialogue.

We, at GFB, aim to support the 6th UN Sustainable Development Goal – Clean Water and Sanitation – with the support of our patrons as we involve them in the process. The need to create open access to sustainable sources of clean water is “a mission we want to lead.”

Every bottle of GOOD GIVING WATER is affordable and available at the GOOD FLIPPIN’ BURGERS stores at INR  40 for 500ml.


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