‘Our HoReCa clients have saved between INR 2 Lac and INR 15 Lac per year by using our products’ : Jesal Sampat, Executive Director, Pune Gas

In the dynamic realm of hospitality and commercial enterprises, efficiency, safety, and reliability stand as absolute priorities. Pune Gas, a pioneering force in the energy solutions sector, has taken up the mantle to address the unique needs of these industries with their groundbreaking LPGenius Smart LPG System and India’s first LPG-Powered Backup Generator. in a conversation with Jesal Sampat, Executive Director, Pune Gas, Asmita Mukherjee delves into the story behind these innovations and their transformative impact on businesses, particularly in the HoReCa (Hotels/Restaurants/Caterings) sector.

The inception of the LPGenius Smart LPG System and India’s first LPG-Powered Backup Generator was fueled by the dedication of the Pune Gas team to meeting the distinct requirements of the hospitality industry and commercial users of LPG informed Sampat. ” The inspiration behind developing the LPGenius Smart LPG System and India’s first LPG-Powered Backup Generator stemmed from our commitment to addressing the unique needs of the hospitality industry and commercial users of LPG. These innovations were born out of a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in these sectors, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, safety, and operational reliability. As a company one of our values is also being customer-centric and listening to the voice of our customers, this product is a testimony to that value. LPGenius was born out of just listening to the problems of our customers and finding an innovative and suitable solution for them”.

When discussing the advantages and highlights of the LPGenius Smart LPG System, Sampat emphasized its space efficiency, seamless cylinder management, and optimised energy usage. “Our system is designed to maximize space utilization in commercial kitchens while streamlining cylinder monitoring and refilling processes, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and cost savings for our clients. For example, our LPGenius 5 is the most compact LPG system which takes up less space than even a 2-wheeler, at just 5 feet x 2 feet, imagine an LPG system smaller than a scooter,” he said.

Speaking about the challenges encountered by the hospitality industry and Pune Gas’s plans to address them with their latest product, Sampat stated, “The LPGenius Smart LPG System is designed to overcome common hurdles faced by HoReCa users, such as cylinder sweating and freezing. By utilizing Liquid off-take (LOT) cylinders, which have been available in India since 2007, we aim to provide efficient and safe operation in compact kitchen spaces. Despite being extensively used in industrial settings, many HoReCa users are unaware of these cylinders. Our system ensures optimal efficiency and eliminates gas residue, mitigating risks associated with traditional LPG cylinders.”

He mentioned that the solution is both safe and cost-effective. Also, highlighted that these innovations will revolutionise operations and profitability in the hospitality and food service industries by saving on fuel costs lost due to LPG residue. “We have numerous success stories and case studies showcasing the tangible benefits and ROI achieved by businesses that have adopted the LPGenius Smart LPG System. We have a range of HoReCa clients that have saved from 2 Lac per annum to 15 Lac per annum and even above 1 Cr per annum.”

In the future, Pune Gas remains dedicated to innovation, with plans to introduce new products tailored to the evolving requirements of the HoReCa industry and commercial users. “Our priority is to provide sustainable, efficient, and reliable solutions that enable businesses to excel in a dynamic environment,” Sampat concludes.


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