Mehra Wines sets sights on leading India’s premium alcoholic beverage market

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Mehra Wines Pvt Limited (MWPL) known for its exquisite and luxury collections is capitalising on the growing demand for premium alcoholic beverages in India. The brand is committed  to offering exceptional customer experiences through tastings and data-driven marketing, with a focus on unique and premium products. MWPL’s objective is to become a leader in the premium alcoholic beverages industry. Asmita Mukherjee recently spoke with Pranav Mehra, Founder, MWPL, to learn more about their upcoming launches and their plans to capture the rapidly expanding Indian market.

Pranav MehraWhat inspired you to venture into the hospitality industry, particularly focusing on premium alcoholic beverages?

The inspiration to delve into the hospitality industry, with a particular focus on premium alcoholic beverages, stems from a convergence of compelling factors. Firstly, the burgeoning market in India’s hospitality sector presents a lucrative opportunity. With a rapidly expanding middle class and increased disposable income, there’s a growing appetite for luxury experiences, including high-quality alcoholic beverages. Moreover, evolving consumer preferences play a pivotal role. There’s a discernible trend towards premium and craft beverages, driven by a desire for unique offerings and a deeper understanding of brewing methods and origins. Additionally, the global influence cannot be overlooked. Exposure to international trends through travel and media has cultivated a demand for top-tier alcoholic beverages, aligning with our vision to cater to discerning consumers. These dynamics collectively underscore the attractiveness of investing in the premium alcoholic beverages segment within India’s hospitality landscape.

How does MWPL differentiate itself from competitors in the hospitality sector, especially in terms of product quality, innovation, and customer experience?

MWPL specialises in premium alcoholic beverages and is dedicated to providing high-quality products, innovation, and exceptional customer service. We ensure excellence by sourcing from renowned distilleries and wineries, importing products from regions famous for specific types of alcohol, and implementing rigorous quality checks. We introduce unique and less-known products to the Indian market and focus on providing an exceptional customer experience by hosting tasting events, workshops, and seminars. We utilise data analytics to understand customer preferences and tailor our marketing efforts accordingly. These strategies enable MWPL to establish a strong foothold in the competitive landscape of premium alcoholic imports in India.

Could you discuss MWPL’s approach to strategic partnerships and collaborations?

The premium alcoholic beverages market in India is highly competitive. We at MWPL, as a key player in the market, leverages partnerships and collaborations to improve its market position, expand its product range, enhance distribution, and offer more engaging customer experiences. To achieve its strategic objectives, MWPL has adopted several approaches. These include creating a wide distribution network, forming strategic partnerships with luxury brands, collaborating with the hospitality and on-premise sector, securing endorsements from influencers and celebrities, engaging in cultural and artistic collaborations, and establishing educational partnerships. These collaborative strategies have proven to be instrumental for premium alcoholic beverage importers in India. These partnerships not only help to expand their reach in the market but also solidify their brand’s reputation as a symbol of luxury and quality in a growing industry. These partnerships are necessary for adapting to local tastes, navigating regulations, and crafting an aspirational brand image that appeals to the premium segment of consumers.

Can you elaborate on MWPL’s distribution strategy?

MWPL has exclusive import and selling rights for various brands in the Indian market. The company is able to secure these contracts due to its strong business relationships with multiple distributors across various regions of India.

How does MWPL adapt to changing consumer preferences and market trends?

MWPL adapts to changing consumer preferences and market trends in India’s premium alcoholic beverages market. By employing strategic approaches such as consumer insights, market research, product diversification, marketing and branding adjustments, collaboration and partnerships, and regulatory compliance and adaptation, we stay ahead of the competition and effectively capitalises on market trends.

What are the key challenges MWPL faces in the B2B hospitality sector, and how does the brand overcome them to stay competitive?

In the competitive landscape of India’s premium alcoholic beverages market, MWPL leverages partnerships and collaborations to enhance its market position, broaden distribution, expand the product range, and create more engaging customer experiences. These collaborative strategies include building a wide distribution network, forming strategic alliances with luxury brands, collaborating with the hospitality and on-premise sectors, securing influencer and celebrity endorsements, engaging in cultural and artistic collaborations, and establishing educational partnerships. These partnerships are crucial for adapting to local tastes, navigating regulations, and crafting an aspirational brand image that appeals to the premium segment of consumers. Operating in the B2B hospitality sector in India as a premium alcohol spirits company involves navigating several challenges, ranging from regulatory hurdles to the complexity of distribution networks, and stiff competition from both established local brands and other international brands trying to expand their footprint in India. Navigating these challenges requires a robust strategic approach that MWPL focuses on, including understanding local markets deeply, maintaining flexibility to adapt to regulatory and economic changes, and effective relationship management with stakeholders across the supply chain and in regulatory bodies.

What are MWPL’s long-term goals and vision for the future of the brand in the hospitality industry? What sets Mehra Wines apart from other brands?

MWPL’s long-term goals and vision for the future of the brand in the hospitality industry revolve around several key strategies. Firstly, differentiation is crucial. We identify and utilise unique selling propositions (USPs) that set our premium brands apart from competitors, focusing on quality, heritage, ingredients, the process of making, or packaging. Secondly, we emphasise developing a strong brand identity that resonates with our target audience and communicates the premium nature of our products, ensuring consistency in branding across all touchpoints. Thirdly, strategic pricing is essential, reflecting the premium positioning of our brands while remaining competitive in the market. Lastly, we prioritise sustainability and responsibility, emphasising sustainability practices and responsible consumption messaging, aligning with evolving consumer values and regulatory requirements. By implementing these strategies, we effectively leverage our premium alcohol brands in India’s competitive market while maintaining a strong brand positioning, quality, and consistency for the long term. This sets us apart from the rest and is also our company’s ethos and vision.

What can consumers expect from Mehra Wines’ upcoming launches, particularly the highly anticipated tequila, and how does it reflect the brand’s commitment to excellence?

We are soon going to announce the launch of  world’s most delicious tequila. This highly anticipated tequila has been awarded numerous gold awards by highly acclaimed spirit juries worldwide and will soon be available in the Indian market through MWPL. Consumers can also anticipate high-end, super exclusive brands that are globally recognised, limited edition products for spirits enthusiasts and collectors, and a range of exciting taste profile products that are exclusive and one-of-a-kind.

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