‘The spark behind Vacation Homes was a desire to redefine multi-utility spaces for exclusive retreat experiences’

Indian retreat and ‘vacation rentals’ destination Jade Hospitainment, offers one-of-its-kind hospitality experiences such as retreat on the move, garden conferencing, chef on call, submerged dining and personalized culinary. Aakansh Koundinya, Director, Jade Hospitainment Pvt. Ltd. throws some light on how the vacation rentals have transformed from being merely the holiday homes to personalised experiential spaces in conversation with Tejaswini paranjape.

How was the journey as pioneers of Luxury Vacation Homes? What sparked the idea of venturing into this space?
Consumers are now in favor of Private & Exclusive Vacation Homes over traditional hotels and resorts. The shift is driven by a desire for secluded, nature-filled, and unique spaces that cater tolarge groups, offering personalized experiences. With the increase in spending power, there’s arising appetite for high quality,experiential, and wellness tourism. The trend towards remote work and a focus on personal well-being has created opportunities for extended stays and unconventional retreats. In 2011, Jade Hospitainment Pvt. Ltd. was born under the banner of Jade Retreats, introducing exclusive retreat experiences to India. We started with a pilot project in Bengaluru called ‘735 Jade’ which was curated as a ‘Retreat by Design’ for friends and family. During the pilot project, we understood the needs of modern travelers and the importance of curated experiences. Our first Vacation Home was opened to the public in 2012 and it swiftly became a sought-after attraction in Bengaluru. It was rated as a top attraction in Bangalore on TripAdvisor during this period and received a lot of appreciation and accolades, including the prestigious IDE Award in 2012 and the title of the best experiential property in 2013. We recognized the early shift in consumer travel preferences and pioneered the concept of a Resort & Retreat environment at a Private and Exclusive Vacation Home offering personalized experiences.
The spark behind this venture was a desire to redefine hospitality, offering private, exclusive, and multi-utility spaces for unparalleled retreat experiences.

2. How did you sail through the Covid period? How was your business affected thereafter?
The pandemic had a global impact on Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Industry. Like many in the industry, we faced temporary setbacks, with travel restrictions affecting our business. Before Covid, we were managing over 18 Vacation Homes in and around Bengaluru and had to size down due to the heavy impact of the pandemic. However, we strategically focused on maintaining operational efficiency, implementing safety measures, and adapting our services to the changing circumstances. The pandemic emphasized the need for private, secure spaces, aligning perfectly with our commitment to offering exceptional retreat experiences. As conditions improved, we witnessed a steady recovery, and the experience has strengthened our commitment to providing exceptional retreat experiences. Currently, we are managing 15 Private & Exclusive Pool Villas and Private Farmhouses in and around Bengaluru and Goa and will continue to expand our presence in more off-beat destinations with new offerings.

3. What is the current turnover, YOY profit and average occupancy rates?
Currently, we have a diverse portfolio of 15 Luxury Pool Villas, Private Farmhouses and City Retreats in & around Bengaluru and Goa. By the end of March this year, we are expecting to close at 5cr revenue. Our average occupancy during non-season months is about 50% and during the season it’s at least 70%. Our range of Pool Villas and Private Farmhouses are between Rs. 20,000 to Rs 50,000 + taxes per night for upto 10 guests. As a standard offering on bookings, we offer multiple experiences that are included as part of the stay. These are complimentary breakfast, bonfire, music & entertainment, movie under the stars, BBQ grill for self-use, indoor & outdoor games, basic décor for special occasions, extra beddings & special dining experiences like Candle Light Dining or Submerged Dining. We also offer a Glamping experience at our Pool Villas and Private farmhouses for large groups. In short, it’s a value add to the cost a customer is paying and gets a plethora of experiences.

4. Please throw some light on your USP. Chef on call? Garden conference? Retreat on the move? Submerged dining?
We lead the industry with innovative hospitality experiences like Retreat on the Move, Garden Conferencing, and Submerged Dining. Our services include Personalized Culinary, Wellness and Entertainment Experiences within exclusive retreats. We offer a directory of Chefs, Wellness Experts and Entertainment Artists for additional services.
Our five key differentiators are:
1. Convenience & Serene Locations: Located 1-2 hours from Bengaluru, our Vacation Homesoffer convenience. Private & Exclusive Luxury Pool Villas and Private Farmhouses provide serene experiences.
2. Unique Portfolio: With 15 unique Vacation Homes, including Ultra Luxury ContemporaryRetreats like Magnolia and Bengaluru’s first-ever dome-shaped Villa – Dome Villas. Mae Terra in Goa offers an Island Retreat experience while Tranquil Woods in Bengaluru offers distinct farmhouse experiences amidst nature.
3. Private & Multi-utility Space: Our Retreats go beyond family getaways, catering to celebrations, corporate outings, lifestyle & production shoots. We have in-house curators who offer one-stop solutions for personalized décor, culinary, wellness & entertainment experiences to customers.
4. Personalized Experiences: We curate unique Culinary, Wellness & Entertainment experiences, uncommon in the Vacation Rental market. Suitable for getaways, celebrations, weddings,corporate outings, and events.
5. Enhancing Ambiance: We understand the importance of the Vacation Home’s ambiance. Working closely with owners, we enhance the look and feel, curating day and night ambiances for a unique experience.

5. How has the space evolved over the years? What challenges you faced and how did you counter them?
In the last decade, the Vacation Rental Industry has gone through enormous changes. From just Holiday Homes, it has transformed into experiential spaces that can be personalized as per the needs and wants of customers. Our primary challenge was to bounce back after the pandemic hit. When the industry opened up post covid, we started emphasizing more towards safety and hygiene protocols and focused more on well-being-related experiences at our Vacation Homes. We are now planning to expand our focus on Karnataka, Goa and Kerala in India and Dubai and SriLanka for Wellness and Experiential retreats. We are also in discussions with Goa Tourism for our Culture and Heritage-centric Island Retreat in Chorao. We plan to bring more offerings like Customised Caravan Tours, ‘Sparty SpaCe’ Wellness Retreats, Glamping Villas, and Forest Homes to start with. These endeavors aim to cater to individuals seeking well-being and wellness retreats, providing tailored experiences for recreation and rejuvenation. We will also expand our Vacation Homes portfolio from Curated to Verified, by introducing a range from boutique villas to clubhouse and event venues, targeting a broader customer base including couples, family and friends, ceremonies and celebrations, corporates and MICE events, fashion and lifestyle.

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