Culinary leaders discuss fusion cuisines in International Summit 2024, Beijing

The 2024 International Summit Forum on the Integration, Innovation and Development of Chinese and Western Cuisine was held in Beijing recently. The forum invited renowned experts in the field of catering, including chef Thomas Keller from the United States; Dong Zhenxiang (better known as Da Dong), Founder and Owner of Da Dong Roast Duck restaurants; Dong Keping, a well-known Chinese food critic; Hou Decheng, a 30-year veteran of the Chinese Culinary Association and Ouyang Yingji, a curator of food culture.
The distinguished panel delved into the burgeoning opportunities shaping the trajectory of China’s dining scene in 2024. Their discussion also extended to the global culinary zeitgeist, exploring themes of fusion, empowerment and the pathways to the future.
The core focus of this forum was on global culinary culture, using Kaluga caviar as a medium and bond. It aimed to provide a platform for exchanges, discussions and resource connections for catering enterprises and chefs, contributing to the coordinated development of the catering industry ecosystem.
Wang Bin, founder , Kaluga Queen caviar, remarked that traditionally, caviar has been associated with Western cuisine. However, in recent times, it has sparked a flurry of creativity in Chinese culinary circles. For instance, the pairing of caviar with Peking duck has become a sensation, embraced by numerous restaurants across the country.
“We aim to invite more chefs to explore the diverse combinations of caviar with various Chinese dishes, allowing more Chinese diners to savor this exquisite ingredient,” Bin said.
According to Bin, their efforts are dedicated to fostering cultural exchange between Chinese and Western culinary traditions. In addition to hosting foreign chefs for exchanges in China, they also plan to take Chinese chefs abroad in the coming years for further collaboration and exchange.
“New culinary collaborations can only blossom through ongoing dialogue and exchange,” he said.

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