‘We have seen a surge in domestic travellers, affirming our appeal to them’

Sourav Panchanan, General Manager, Caravela Beach Resort Goa talks about 30 year old unique single-ownership property Caravela Beach Resort and throws some light on their growth story and expansion plans in an interview with Disha Shah Ghosh.

How old is your property? Tell us about its accommodation and F&B facilities.
Caravela Beach Resort stands as one of Goa’s premier luxury five-star hotels, proudly representing over 30 years of unwavering commitment to Indian hospitality. As the only independent, single-ownership property in South Goa, Caravela has become synonymous with timeless Indian roots, reflecting the spirit of a pioneer. Named after the first Portuguese ship, Vasco Da Gama, to sail into Goa, our resort is not just a destination but a symbol of exploration and discovery.
Designed by the renowned architects ‘WATG’ & ‘BELT COLLINS,’ our resort showcases an exquisite blend of Goan-Portuguese architecture, harmonizing tradition with modern luxury. With a 275-meter long beachfront along Varca Beach, ranked among the Top 10 beaches in Asia by TripAdvisor, Caravela offers a sprawling oasis across 24 acres of lush greenery. Whether you seek the cosy comfort of our Deluxe Rooms or the indulgent luxury of our Presidential Villas, each residence offers an ambiance that invites complete relaxation and immersion in the natural beauty that surrounds us.
At Caravela Beach Resort, culinary excellence is a journey of exploration. Dining at Caravela is an elaborate experience with 4 Restaurants and multiple bars. The ‘Swim-Up Pool Bar’ and the beachfront restaurant ‘Beach Hut’ (Seasonal) are especially popular with guests. From the poolside delights at Castaways to the authentic Goan flavours at Beach Hut and the Pan-Asian delights at Carnival, our diverse range of dining options caters to every palate Recognising that almost half (45%) of travellers prefer to sample local cuisine through the property’s gourmet dining, we also offer authentic Goan food and curated Goan food masterclasses, Feni cocktail-making sessions and Chef’s tables. Embracing the preferences of modern travellers, we aim to provide not just accommodation but a holistic and immersive experience that transcends boundaries and creates lasting memories.

Which segment of travellers are your key areas of focus?
Our primary focus areas are to cater to a wide range of guests perfectly lining up with the changing face of the travel industry. We have seen a big increase in domestic travellers, which confirms our appeal with local visitors, following a strong rebound in tourism and a noteworthy upward trajectory in the nation’s travel sector. Our focus spans various segments, including leisure travellers, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions), destination weddings, and those embracing leisure travel, reflecting our commitment to accommodating the varied preferences of our guests.
Simultaneously, we are experiencing a notable expansion in our international guest base, with increased visits from key markets. The UK, Germany, and the US stand out as significant contributors, reflecting the widespread appeal of our resort to discerning international travellers.

What kind of meetings and events space that your property offers?
We offer sophisticated meeting and event spaces that cater to a wide spectrum of occasions. Our commitment to personalized service positions us to capture an expanding market share and offer unparalleled experiences to our valued guests. Our resort is not only a picturesque backdrop for Dream Weddings but also an ideal destination for MICE, as well as various social events. Our modern meeting rooms are equipped for productive business gatherings, offering customizable spaces for conferences and seminars.

The revenue generated from MICE events, weddings, and social gatherings, coupled with associated room nights, forms a substantial part of our business. With top-notch facilities and meticulous event planning, our resort is a preferred choice for various events. We anticipate continued growth in these segments, aligning with the rising demand for destination weddings, corporate meetings, and social gatherings in quaint settings.

What is your average room occupancy during peak season?
Amidst peak seasons, our accommodations experience a notable surge in demand, solidifying our status as a sought-after destination for discerning travellers. The high demand for our rooms consistently leads to an impressive average room occupancy rate. We consistently observe a substantial influx of guests choosing to stay with us with 90% of room occupancy during peak season. This underscores the enduring appeal of our resort and its ability to provide an exceptional experience for our guests.

Enumerate on your ADRs and ARRs.
In the current year, we have exhibited exceptional performance, showcasing our resilience and unwavering commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry. Our robust occupancy rates reflect the enduring appeal of our location and the superior quality of our services.
The H1 Total Revenue Per Occupied Room is INR 14,300 emphasizing on the value guests place on our distinctive combination of luxury and modern amenities. It further serves as a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences while ensuring financial sustainability. As we progress through 2023, we are poised to further solidify its position as the premier choice for travellers.

Which are some of your effective channels for clocking in bookings?
We employ a strategic and multi-faceted approach to secure bookings, leveraging various effective channels to reach our diverse audience. Our official website serves as a centralized platform, providing guests with a seamless booking experience, exclusive offers, and a comprehensive overview of our resort. Additionally, we collaborate with popular online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Booking.com, Make My Trip, TripAdvisor.com and others, expanding our reach to a wider audience.
Social media platforms play a pivotal role, with active engagement on channels like Instagram, and Facebook. These platforms not only showcase the unique experiences at Caravela but also serve as effective communication channels for potential guests. The combination of these channels ensures a dynamic and comprehensive approach to secure bookings and maintain a robust occupancy rate.


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