admin: Kimaya Himalayan Beverages sells one lakh litre beer in the first year

Kimaya Himalayan Beverages has attained an impressive milestone by selling 100,000 liters of beer in its inaugural year of full operation, a notable achievement in the fiercely competitive beverage industry. With this success, the brand has established an ambitious target to double its sales in the current fiscal year.

The exceptional 129 percent growth rate of the brand underscores its innovative brewing techniques and the superior quality of its product. To address the increasing demand in current markets, Kimaya Himalayan Beverages has expanded its production capacity, demonstrating its dedication to meeting customers’ needs.

The Kimaya Himalayan brand BeeYoung aims to expand its presence in the southern and western markets through the introduction of a new variant, showcasing the brand’s growing popularity and achievements. Moreover, the brand plans to unveil novel variants this year, ensuring a unique blend of flavors likely to resonate with consumers and stimulate demand. The brand is excited about this recent development and confident about the potential for expansion and sustained prosperity.




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