Lone Wolf beer announces major growth strategy, bolsters production capacity to enter new markets

Atul Kumar Singh

Asmita Mukherjee| Hyderabad

Lone Wolf is a new brand of premium beer that has rapidly gained popularity since its launch in 2022 by Onkara Beverages & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. It stands out from the competition by focusing on providing exceptionally smooth beer, and by challenging traditional beer narratives. The brand has been gaining popularity and expanding its production capacity. Now, the company is focused on expanding nationally. Atul Kumar Singh, Founder, Lone Wolf Beverages, spoke to Asmita Mukherjee about the brand’s strategy for maintaining its momentum and exceeding its ambitious revenue target of INR 45 crore.

According to the Founder, for Lone Wolf, beer isn’t just about alcohol content; it’s about fostering connections. “We wanted to break away from the ordinary,” Singh stated, emphasising his desire to offer a beer that not only tasted exceptional but also challenged existing ideas about what beer could be.

Initially offering two distinct brews – Lone Wolf Strong, a strong lager boasting a smooth taste, and Lone Wolf Mild Lager, known for its crisp dryness – the brand expanded its portfolio in 2023 with the introduction of Lone Wolf Alpha, a Belgian Witbier, and Lone Wolf Mavrick, a 100% malt lager.

“There was a distinct lack of exceptionally smooth beers,” he observed. “The market was saturated, but it lacked a brew that could stand out both for its taste and its commitment to pushing boundaries. Additionally, we wanted to challenge the notion that strong beers are inherently cheap. We aim to provide a premium drinking experience for all strong beer lovers and attract them from those who typically enjoy milder options or Witbiers.”

Looking ahead, Lone Wolf plans to expand its capacity to meet growing customer demand. Singh also highlighted the upcoming launch of Lone Wolf beers in cans as a significant opportunity for the Hotels, Restaurants, and Caterings (HoReCa) sector. “Cans offer better light protection, preserving the beer’s taste for longer and ensuring a premium experience at all times,” he explained. “For customers, cans are easier to carry and chill compared to bottles.”

The brand plans to leverage events, giveaways, and activations to build strong relationships with HoReCa establishments and boost brand awareness. “By engaging with these establishments, we not only create a symbiotic relationship but also forge memorable customer experiences, further solidifying the brand’s premium image,” Singh elaborated.

“Our vision remains constant – to offer a premium drinking experience and foster emotional investment in our brand ethos,” Singh stated. He informed that their expansion plans are already underway for Kerala, Karnataka, and Rajasthan. The brewery has also doubled its production capacity to cater to rising demand in existing markets and new ones entering the fray this year. “Our focus this year isn’t on new launches, but on expanding our product portfolio into more markets and deepening our presence in existing ones,” Singh concluded.


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