Bag2Bag Hotels and Homes launches India’s first generative AI ‘Bano’

Bag2Bag Hotels and Homes, an innovator in the hospitality landscape, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking generative AI- “Bano”. As the first startup to implement such advanced technology in the realm of accommodation services, Bag2Bag is poised to revolutionize the way travellers experience online hotel booking.
Bano represents a significant milestone in Bag2Bag’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. This cutting-edge Bag2Bag’s AI is designed to enhance the overall guest experience, providing personalized suggestions and seamless interaction throughout the booking process.
“Bag2Bag Hotels and Homes is thrilled to introduce Bano, Bag2Bag’s AI. With Bano, we aim to elevate the level of experience we offer to our guests, providing them with unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and satisfaction.” said Alok Mishra, CEO at Bag2Bag Hotels and Homes
He also stressed, “Bano possesses potential that exceeds current perceptions. Generative AI technology harbours vast depth; through continuous learning and structured data, it has the capacity to accomplish remarkable feats. Presently, it enhances the online hotel booking experience, aligning with Bag2Bag’s aspiration of evolving into a comprehensive accommodation booking platform for all travel requirements.
Bano represents a leap forward in user convenience, offering an intuitive interface where users can effortlessly input their preferences. Whether it’s specifying budget constraints, desired city or locality, proximity to local attractions, or the time of travel, Bano swiftly processes this information to deliver tailored recommendations with a single click. Imagine the ease of asking for stay options near Bangalore airport with specific amenities like F&B facilities and a swimming pool, and receiving instant, relevant suggestions–Bano makes this a reality.
As our AI evolves, it will increasingly offer highly personalized recommendations for both locals and travellers, instantaneously suggesting activities and accommodations tailored to their preferences within any city.”
Adaptation and Journey onwards
“Embracing personalized recommendations is a growing trend, and Bag2Bag stands as a pioneer to implement this technology on OTA platforms. With the integration of advanced AI technology, Bag2Bag can now offer tailored recommendations based on a customer’s past bookings, preferences, and browsing history. These personalized suggestions enhance the booking experience by presenting options that align closely with each individual user’s preferences” added Gaurav, CTO ,Bag2Bag Hotels and Homes
He also added,” Incorporating AI to craft an effective personalization strategy demands meticulous planning and execution. Establishing robust mechanisms for gathering and storing high-quality data forms the bedrock for deciphering customer behaviours and preferences. This data serves as the lifeblood of the personalization system, enabling tailored experiences that resonate with individual customers.”
In its beta phase, Bano marks the dawn of a new era in online hotel booking. This initial release showcases the core features of Bano while laying the groundwork for future advancements. The introduction of Bano underscores Bag2Bag’s unwavering commitment to enhancing user experiences and ensuring platform accessibility for all. Throughout the beta phase, user feedback will be invaluable in refining Bano to better meet the diverse needs of our clientele. With each iteration, Bano will evolve to provide an even smoother, more personalized booking experience. As a generative AI, Bano is poised to revolutionize travel booking, and future updates will introduce additional features, further enhancing its utility and convenience for users, added Gaurav.
Misra said, “Major part of the online hospitality and accommodation booking market is currently fragmented. Our focus is on consolidating the fragmented offerings onto a single platform, but this process is gradual; we cannot bridge these gaps instantaneously. It will evolve gradually over time. As a startup, we face resource constraints and have launched currently with the available dataset and open technology. However, there is a vast scale to achieve, and we are committed to realizing this potential with improved resources and strategies. Our aim is to offer comprehensive experiences in the hospitality industry. By leveraging AI across multiple offerings, businesses can forge deeper connections with customers, driving long-term success.”
Bag2Bag’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer-centric innovation is evident in the constant enhancement of its personalization strategy, guided by valuable customer feedback. Through the launch of Bano, Bag2Bag reaffirms its dedication to setting new standards for customer service in the hospitality industry and redefining the future of travel and accommodation. With AI-driven personalization at its core, Bag2Bag aims to forge deeper connections with customers, driving long-term success and sustainable growth in the dynamic landscape of online hospitality.

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