Chandon launches ‘Aurva’ in the India Art Fair, New Delhi

Chandon, known for its sparkling wines, has diversified its portfolio by introducing Chandon Aurva, marking a significant milestone, especially in the northern market. The debut of Chandon Aurva at the prestigious India Art Fair in Delhi positions it not only as a wine but also as a representation of craftsmanship and excellence, bridging the realms of fine art and fine wine.
Created by Kaushal Khaimar, Chandon India’s head winemaker, in partnership with Dan Buckle, winemaking director at Chandon Australia, Aurva represents a seamless blend of traditional techniques and contemporary innovation. Its unveiling in New Delhi on February 3, 2024, following a successful introduction in Mumbai in October 2023, marks a notable advancement in the Indian wine sector’s journey.
The name “Aurva,” originating from Sanskrit and signifying “of the earth,” honors the distinctive terroir of Nashik, Maharashtra, where Chandon’s Indian winery is situated. This deliberate selection of name underscores a profound bond with the land and its legendary allure, where Chandon has painstakingly nurtured its vineyards.
Locally sourced Shiraz grapes, carefully hand-harvested by Chandon’s partner growers in Nashik, undergo a thorough winemaking process overseen by Khaimar and Buckle. The result? A wine that captures the essence of its origins, boasting rich aromas and flavors that evoke the sensory richness of Nashik’s terroir.
But Aurva’s significance extends beyond its taste profile; it represents a convergence of cultures and expertise. The collaboration between Chandon’s Indian and Australian winemakers signifies not only a meeting of minds but also a celebration of shared knowledge and innovation. It is a reminder that great wine is not just about what’s in the bottle but also about the stories and people behind it.





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