FPG unveils cutting-edge solutions for enhancing service and sales in hospitality

Frontline Performance Group (FPG) unveils cutting-edge solutions designed to elevate frontline performance and redefine industry standards.

In-Gauge: A Technological Leap in Service Excellence

FPG introduces In-Gauge, a state-of-the-art technology designed to empower businesses with tools for running highly successful frontline-led sales and service programs. This revolutionary platform offers a comprehensive solution, allowing clients to operate efficiently on a subscription basis. In-Gauge combines the latest in Software as a Service (SaaS) with virtual support, enabling global accessibility and scalability, catering to various chain scales and locations. As Paul McLoughlin, President – International, FPG puts it, “In-Gauge marks a leap toward operational excellence, offering a comprehensive solution for our clients on a subscription basis. It’s not just a technology; it’s a transformative experience.”

Champion Certification: Nurturing Exceptional Talent

Recognizing the pivotal role of frontline staff, FPG launches the Champion Certification program, aiming to certify and support individuals, transforming them into brand ambassadors. This initiative not only enhances service levels but also equips individuals with valuable life skills, techniques, and dialogue proficiency, creating a win-win scenario for both employees and businesses. FPG believes in nurturing talent and creating champions who bring a personal touch to the service industry.

Service-Based Sales Training: Driving Incremental Revenues

FPG’s commitment to generating substantial incremental revenue materializes through its service-based sales training approach. Successfully implemented in approximately 600,000 rooms across 100 countries, this program guarantees 2-8% RevPar improvement. By instilling a service and sales culture throughout the hotel, FPG achieves significant improvements in revenue touchpoints. This is not just training; it’s a strategic approach that turns every interaction into a revenue-generating opportunity.

Performance Framework: Ensuring Tangible Returns on Investment

As part of FPG’s commitment to client success, the organization introduces an enhanced Performance Framework, guaranteeing a minimum of 4 times the client’s investment. With an average ROI of 25:1, clients can expect substantial increases in RevPar, affirming FPG’s dedication to delivering tangible and measurable returns. McLoughli said, “Our focus remains on providing unparalleled service and driving revenue growth for our clients. These solutions are not just about promises; they’re about delivering results that transform businesses.” He added, “Our focus remains on providing unparalleled service and driving revenue growth for our clients. The introduction of In-Gauge, Champion Certification, and our enhanced Performance Framework reinforces our commitment to revolutionizing the hospitality industry’s frontline performance.”

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