GoodDot elevates plant-based culinary excellence with ICCA Dubai partnership

This collaboration aims to empower chefs with the knowledge and skills to excel in plant-based cooking through a specialized program, as plant proteins form an anchor to the sustainability goals mentioned by UN

GoodDot – plant-based meat protein brand, has announced its collaboration with the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) Dubai. This partnership aims to empower chefs with specialized certifications in crafting exquisite plant-based protein dishes. Marking a significant milestone in the evolution of plant-based protein, GoodDot and ICCA Dubai are committed to creating a standard in which the world consumes plant-based protein.


Sunjeh Raja, the Director & CEO of ICCA Dubai, emphasized, “At the ICCA, we believe that a culinary school is an ideal platform to nurture the chefs of tomorrow and to instil a deep understanding of sustainability. Our partnership with GoodDot underscores our commitment to integrating sustainable practices from the beginning of a chef’s journey. By equipping young chefs with the knowledge and skills to craft plant-based protein dishes, we have helped empower them to lead the way towards a more sustainable culinary future.”


Talking about this partnership, Sanjay Kavalekar, Executive Director, Resources Nature Trading said “In partnership with pioneers and leaders in the Plant-based proteins like GoodDot, Resources Nature aims at bringing to the fore leading brands from the Indian Sub-continent. In providing comprehensive distribution infrastructure & services, we pride ourselves in being a part of the eco-system to provide sustainable Alternative-Protein food offerings in both HoReCa and Retail segments across the Middle East and beyond. Affordable, competitive, and nutritious products are the cornerstone of Resources Nature Trading LLC.”


With the global shift towards sustainable and cruelty-free dining experiences, the demand for plant-based protein has surged, which in succession has made Chefs seek ways to enhance their skills. Recognizing this demand and to help chefs adapt to the evolving culinary landscape, GoodDot and ICCA Dubai have come together to offer a specialized certification program. This specialized program is tailored to equip chefs with the knowledge and skills to excel in plant-based cooking.


Highlighting the Gooddot products, Chef Islam Masoud, Chairman of the Young Chef Club, Emirates Culinary Guild said “I would like to extend my gratitude to ICCA and GoodDot for organising this immersive experience in the world of Novel Plant Proteins. Plant-based proteins have a very important role to play in widening the culinary horizons of consumers and also have an incredible sustainability footprint. It was really interesting to see how Chefs can apply their culinary skills to versatile formats of plant-based proteins and curate various dishes and cuisines from them. In the days ahead consumers across the Middle East can expect incorporation of local flavours and cooking traditions in the space of plant proteins.”


Adding to this, Chef Yara Mostafa, TV Presenter Chef, Jumeirah Hotels & Resort,said, “As a chef, we are always looking for new ingredients to apply our culinary skills too. The course on Smart Proteins organised by the ICCA was an incredible introduction for me to the entirely new world of alternative proteins. I was pleasantly surprised to see the versatility of GoodDot plant proteins which could be cooked across various global cuisines. With more and more consumers & institutions looking to diversify their protein portfolio by incorporating plant proteins in their offerings, such experiential programs on plant-based proteins will go a long way in mainstreaming plant-based proteins in the Middle East.”


Commenting on the partnership, Abhishek Sinha, Founder, GoodDot said, “The world is increasingly embracing plant-based living, thanks to the multiple benefits the lifestyle carries. I am confident that the GoodDot-ICCA Dubai partnership will stand as a beacon of innovation, education, and culinary excellence. Our collaboration will set an example and encourage culinary schools around the world to dive deeper into the world of alternative proteins.”


The plant-based protein is being welcomed by a diverse range of masses that deals with countless issues faced by individuals owing to modern lifestyles. Plant-based proteins provide essential nutrients while reducing the consumption of saturated fats and cholesterol thereby improving health outcomes. These proteins also address critical issues of sustainability and food security which create a global impact and help in the protection of the environment and various resources. Along with the richness in protein, some of the plant-based companies like GoodDot offer consumers a more cost-effective protein as compared to animal meat. With people adopting plant-based protein as their major source of nutrients, versatility in recipes and methods of preparation still remains a significantly untouched market.  

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