Hotel Association of India promotes initiatives of social inclusion across it membership to project the social face of the Industry


A deep sense of concern for the planet and the community has been at the very core of business for the Association’s founder members who believe in sustainable and responsible growth. It is only natural therefore that the vision reflects prominently in the mission crafted for the Industry Body as well. The mission statement of Hotel Association of India (HAI) reads “To secure for the hotel industry its due place in India’s economy and project its role as a contributor to employment generation and sustainable economic and social development; highlight its crucial role in the service to tourism industry as the largest net foreign exchange earner; help raise the standards of hoteliering and to build an image for this industry both within and outside the country.”

By launching unprecedented ‘Social Inclusion’ initiatives, HAI has been projecting the  ‘Social Face’ of the Indian hospitality industry.

Since its inception in 1996, a special “Green” week (starting on 5th June) was identified by HAI to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability in a creative and unique way. All HAI Member Hotels organise activities involving Hotel owners, employees, their families, hotel guests, hotel vendors, local schools & communities to celebrate and commemorate World Environment Day.

In 2014,  HAI adopted the WHO’s annual World Hand Hygiene Day to acquaint school students, residents of orphanages, hotel vendors, guests, visitors,staff, staff families  with the importance of washing hands with soap and water to prevent viral infections and respiratory illnesses which cost the country several thousand  crores annually on healthcare expenditure;

The creates public awareness about the importance of frequent washing of hands in promoting community wellbeing through prevention of  common cold, influenza and other infections. The outbreak of Covid-19 made it even more relevant and hence, assumed greater significance especially in the hospitality industry.

Celebration of HAI Environment Day and HAI Hand Hygiene Day across member hotels is marked by a specially curated program around the theme. To build a relevant atmosphere and to engage all stakeholders to create awareness and commit to the cause of conservation, safety and hygiene.

In addition, Association Members have been actively involved in the maintenance of Monuments in their  vicinity ,  undertaking their cleanliness and in the enhancement of their tourist amenities

HAI was also quick to pledge the unanimous support of its Members on a sustained basis to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, launched by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on 2nd October 2014. to help realise  Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of a ‘Clean India’. The Association Members decided to elevate the movement to a higher level, giving it utmost priority As a first step, each of the member hotels adopted a stretch of up to 500 m of area close to their property to maintain in a clean and garbage free manner on a permanent basis. Dedicated teams headed by senior officials have been formed in hotels to monitor the progress of the activities being performed under the Abhiyan. As a next step, it was decided that HAI members would participate in the other campaigns under the umbrella of Swachh Bharat namely Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan and Swachh Smarak Abhiyan. The movement was taken to another level by member hotels creating awareness of the Abhiyan among the hotel suppliers and curating special informative modules for the benefit of their vendors. Member hotels engaged in Relaying Cobble Stones ,Planting of trees  on roadside pavements, cleaned up bridges ad alls of posters etc, restored  Bus Stops, installed Speed Breakers,  conducted hygiene sanitation and safety sessions for drivers of public buses  Installed dustbins in public areas.

MP Bezbaruah, Secretary General, Hotel Association of India stated, “We are proud to be able to receive continued support from our member hotels to all our initiatives of social inclusion that project and strengthen the image of the Industry as being a responsible one, a sector that cares for the community and the society  at large. HAI’s initiatives of social inclusion are unprecedented and have no parallel in any hospitality industry at the global level.

Recently HAI become the first Industry body to align with WTTC’s initiative of Global Hotel Sustainability Basics and endorse it wholeheartedly to  mark a responsible return to business post the pandemic.HAI is happy to be a part of this global Industry movement to ensure all hotels improve their impact whatever the starting point on their sustainability journey. The Association is promoting the initiative and l encouraging  all its Member hotels to become subscribers thereof.

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