Indri Single Malt and Fort City Brewing collaborate to craft unique barrel-aged beers

Indri, a prominent single malt brand known for its acclaimed triple cask single malt whisky, has recently partnered with Fort City Brewing, a notable player in the craft beer sector. This collaboration introduces a unique range of beers aged in Indri casks, promising a distinctive tasting experience for enthusiasts.

Two trend-defining teams got together and laid the foundation of the ‘Barrel Aged Beer Program’, combining Indri’s legacy of crafting high quality spirits, with Fort City Brewing, a pioneer in crafting innovative and exceptional brews. This collaboration represents a fusion of tradition and innovation where each beer in this exclusive collaboration is handcrafted to reflect the distinctive characteristics and quality synonymous with both brands.

After much deliberation, Fort City’s Imperial Stout was selected for the Ex-Indri barrels to compliment the oak and coffee characters. Jaggernaut, the Indian interpretation of Belgian Dubbel at Fort City, was chosen for the Ex-Camikara barrels to play with the raisin and other dry fruit characters coming from the ageing of Camikara in those barrels. The beers are available at FortCity Brewery at a nominal price of INR 595 + GST.

“We are thrilled to partner with Piccadily Distilleries for our first ever ‘Barrel Aged Beer Program’. This collaboration represents a meeting of minds and a celebration of craftsmanship, resulting in beers that will captivate the palates of beer and whisky enthusiasts.” said Gautham Gandhi & Ashish Ranjan, Co-founders of Fort City Brewing.

Adding to this, Shalini Sharma, Head of Marketing, Piccadily Distilleries, said, “Being a homegrown brand, we are immensely proud to partner with the passionate team behind Fort City Brewing for India’s first ever barrel exchange program between a distillery and a craft brewery. Our collaboration not only shows our commitment to push the boundaries in the Indian single malt industry, but to go beyond and offer an unparalleled experience to our discerning audience, beyond expectations.”

Fort City Brewing’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavour and creativity perfectly complements Indri Single Malt Whisky’s pursuit of excellence. The result is a selection of beers that not only embody the rich heritage of India, but also showcases a harmonious blend of flavors and craftsmanship.

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