Ironhill India and GoGround Team Up for Cocoa-Infused Craft Beer

Ironhill India collaborated with GoGround Beans & Spices recently to celebrate the richness and quality of Indian cocoa beans while exploring new frontiers in the craft beer segment.
“Through our partnership with Ironhill India, we’re thrilled to bring the Indian cocoa beans into the spotlight. It is a well-known fact that Indian cocoa beans are renowned for their unique and distinct flavour profile, characterized by rich, earthy undertones with subtle hints of fruity and floral notes. They offer a versatile brewing experience, allowing for the creation of beers that have a harmonious blend of chocolatey richness and subtle undertones, providing a sensory experience that is distinctly Indian,” shared Luca Beltrami, Co-founder, GoGround Beans & Spices.
Under the leadership of Teja Chekuri, Ironhill India stands as a leading craft brewery, pioneering advancements in the industry and elevating the craft brewing experience to new heights.
By joining forces with GoGround Beans & Spices, Ironhill India introduces yet another cocoa-infused brew to its lineup. Established in 2015 by Luca Beltrami and Ellen, GoGround Beans & Spices has been a driving force in supporting cocoa farmers in Kerala’s Idduki region. Their mission goes beyond business, aiming to boost farm yields, modernize production methods, and improve the socio-economic standing of smallholder farmers in the area.”
“Craft beer is a realm where innovation is only limited by your imagination. By incorporating Indian cocoa beans into our brews, we’re not only elevating the flavor profile but also shedding light on the incredible potential of Indian agricultural produce and native beans that are pleasing to the Indian palate,” added Teja Chekuri, Managing Partner, Ironhill India.

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