ISH’s Annual Concocting Conclave highlights the enormous potential of the Indian Beverage Industry

Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), one of India’s prominent hospitality education institutions, successfully hosted its second annual Concocting Conclave 2024.

The 2024 Concocting Conclave celebrated the artistry of Indian-made beverages under the theme “Made in India” and delivered an immersive experience for students, faculty, and industry professionals to engage via interactive panels, masterclasses, and competitions.

The event highlighted the vast diversity and high quality of beverages crafted within the country’s borders while delving into the intricacies of beverage creation and the industry’s transformation.

The panel discussion at the conclave featured preeminent experts of the industry, including Vikram Achanta, Co-Founder of 30 Best Bars India, Paritosh Birla, Founder & Director of Cohoma Coffee Company, Pradeep Gidwani, Business Mentor and Leadership Coach, Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO of The Beer Café, Amar Shrivastava, Co-Founder of Siqera, and Yangdup Lama, Partner at Drinks India Company & Co-Founder of Barkeepers LLP Sidecar Bar.

With unprecedented experience and expertise, the panellists discussed using local ingredients and traditional flavours in Indian-made alcoholic beverages, the growth prospects of the Indian alcohol industry, the rise of premium Indian liquor brands, and recognising the barriers hindering growth.

Their insights and perspectives offered the attendees a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its significant potential for growth and innovation.

“Hosting the second annual Concocting Conclave has been a tremendous experience for the Indian School of Hospitality. Our aim with this year’s theme, ‘Made in India,’ was to showcase the extensive diversity and high quality of beverages made in the country and unlock exciting career opportunities within India’s dynamic beverage landscape.

The event’s resounding success is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation, bridging the industry-academia gap and nurturing the next generation of hospitality leaders,” said Mr. Kunal Vasudeva, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Indian School of Hospitality.

The event also featured exciting competitions like Hidden Recipes, Brand Brew, Liquid Logic, Sip Savvy, and Liquid Lore, which enriched the students’ understanding of the ingredients, creativity and diverse techniques utilised in the beverage industry. The competitions also served as a platform for students to showcase their creativity, storytelling talent and appreciation for Indian beverage culture.

“The Concocting Conclave stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to a pedagogy immersed with real-world insights and the latest sectoral trends. We shall continue to host events where the young learners of our vibrant industry learn from the luminaries shaping its future,” said Ms. Smeetha Guha , Dean, Hospitality Studies, Indian School of Hospitality.

ISH, a part of Sommet Education, is dedicated to redefining hospitality education to nurture the change agents of the future. It offers culinary and hospitality programmes in collaboration with globally acclaimed hospitality education institutions, including École Ducasse France and Les Roches Switzerland.

The Concocting Conclave 2024 underscored the spirit of collaboration and excellence that defines ISH‘s approach to education and industry engagement to make a lasting impact in the hospitality industry.

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