CYK Hospitalities Spearheads Opening of Nagari Restaurant in Agra

CYK Hospitalities, India’s prominent food and beverage consultancy firm, has played a pivotal role in the launch of ‘Nagari,’ an inventive new restaurant in Agra, known as the city of Taj, introducing a fresh dimension to its culinary landscape. Situated amidst the lively Padam High Street, Nagari promises a gastronomic journey for both locals and tourists.

CYK Hospitalities provided an array of services, including menu conceptualization and engineering, staff recruitment and training, recipe development, and SOP creation. Moreover, CYK oversaw audits, vendor management, uniform design for staff, coordinated the restaurant’s launch, and meticulously handled branding and design aspects.

At Nagari, the menu celebrates the diverse array of Indian vegetarian cuisine from various regions across the country. Signature dishes include Dal Batti fondue from Rajasthan, Chole Kulche from Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, and Lucknow’s renowned Dilruba Seekh Kebab. Innovative reinterpretations like Aloo Gobhi Missi Tart and Dahi Donut provide a contemporary twist, while classics such as Kathal Bhel and Dal Makhani Shots tantalize the taste buds. To offer a complete dining experience, Nagari presents tasting platters comprising a main course, biryani or bread, salad, raita, chutneys, and papad.

Simranjeet Singh, Director, CYK Hospitalities, “We are thrilled to unveil Nagari, a restaurant that showcases one of the best of Indian vegetarian cuisines from various parts of our country. From ideation to execution, our team has been involved in every aspect of this project, ensuring an exceptional dining experience for the guests”.

Talking about the experience of working on Nagari, Pulkit Arora, Director, CYK Hospitalities said, “Working with Nagari’s team has been a great experience. We have tried to be instrumental in every aspect of Nagari’s journey, from inception to execution. Our team has meticulously attended to every detail, ensuring that Nagari exemplifies excellence across all its operations. We have provided comprehensive services ranging from menu conceptualization and engineering to staff hiring, training, and SOP creation.”

The restaurant’s interiors evoke a simple yet refreshing ambiance blending modern and traditional design elements. Complementing the gastronomic delights, the interiors of Nagari are thoughtfully designed to reflect the essence of its cuisine. The color scheme of beige, royal blue, and green adds a touch of sophistication to the overall dining experience.

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