Illegal Homestays in Mysuru District to Face Closure, Legal Ones to be Identified


Deputy Commissioner K.V. Rajendra announced plans to close down unregistered homestays operating illegally in Mysuru district. A comprehensive list of legally operated homestays with valid registration will be compiled to ensure compliance with regulations, he stated.

Dr. Rajendra emphasized the necessity of registration for homestay operators, stressing that steps would be taken to enforce this requirement. During a meeting of the Mysuru District Tourism Development Committee, Dr. Rajendra highlighted the increasing number of illegal homestays and instructed the Tourism Department to take decisive action against such establishments. He urged officials to gather comprehensive information on their operations to facilitate enforcement measures.

Furthermore, Dr. Rajendra directed the Tourism Department to appoint officers from various departments within the tourism committee. Regular meetings with stakeholders from the tourism industry will be convened every three months to foster tourism development and enhance tourism sites in the region.

Recognizing the importance of digital presence, Dr. Rajendra emphasized the need for an exclusive website dedicated to promoting Mysuru and its tourism potential. Such a platform would serve as a valuable resource, providing information on local attractions and facilitating engagement with the public and tourists.

In addition, Dr. Rajendra reminded hotels, restaurants, and other establishments to register under the Nidhi portal before commencing operations. This directive applies to both the city corporation and Gram Panchayats overseeing the respective areas where these facilities are located.

source : The Hindu

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