KFC to go vegetarian in Ayodhya

Media reports indicate that Ayodhya is preparing to embrace KFC, albeit with a unique adaptation to its standard menu. In accordance with the city’s staunch vegetarian-only mandate, the renowned fast-food chain must transition to a vegetarian menu to gain access to the sacred city. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) must conform to the local preferences in order to establish its presence in this holy location.
“KFC has set up its unit at Ayodhya-Lucknow highway because we do not allow non-vegetarian food items here. We are ready to provide even KFC a space if it decides to sell only vegetarian items,” Vishal Singh, a government official in Ayodhya, quoted as saying by the media.
“We have offers from big food chain outlets to set up their shops in Ayodhya. We welcome them with open arms, but there is only one restriction, that they should not serve non-veg food items inside the panch Kosi,” he added.
Since the inauguration of the Ram Temple, the city has evolved into a prominent pilgrimage destination. As a result, local establishments and international food franchises alike are compelled to acknowledge and accommodate the shifting dietary preferences of visitors.

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