PM Tobgay urges India to invest in tourism and hospitality sector in Bhutan

In a bid to strengthen ties and foster economic cooperation, Bhutanese Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay has extended an invitation to Indian entrepreneurs to explore investment opportunities in Bhutan’s tourism industry. During his five-day visit to India, Tobgay emphasised the deep-rooted relations between the two nations and highlighted the immense potential for collaboration, particularly in the tourism sector.
Speaking at the “India-Bhutan Tourism: Expanding Horizons” dialogue organised by FICCI in New Delhi, Prime Minister Tobgay urged Indian industry leaders to consider establishing hotels, restaurants, and wellness centres in Bhutan, a country renowned for its pristine natural beauty with 72 per cent of its land under forest cover.
“We have been blessed with excellent relations with India. India is our immediate neighbour, and we want more and more Indians to visit Bhutan,” expressed Tobgay, underscoring the ease of travel for Indian tourists who only require a permit fee of approximately INR 1200 to enter the country.
Anticipating a significant surge in Indian tourist arrivals, Tobgay projected a target of 1.50 lakh Indian visitors to Bhutan in 2024, more than double the figure recorded in 2023.
Highlighting upcoming infrastructural developments, Tobgay mentioned the forthcoming railway service connecting Kokrajhar in Assam to Gelephu in Bhutan, providing a cost-effective mode of transport between the two nations. Additionally, he revealed plans for increased air connectivity between India and Bhutan, a move aimed at facilitating smoother travel experiences for tourists.
Meanwhile, reflecting on his visit to India, Tobgay described his time in New Delhi as emotionally enriching, emphasising the warmth and camaraderie shared between the two nations.

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