U.P. introduces new classification system for hotels, resorts

To bolster Uttar Pradesh’s tourism and hospitality sector, the state tourism department initiated a novel star hotel classification portal in Lucknow.

This fresh system categorizes hotels and resorts across five tiers—platinum, diamond, gold, silver, and bronze. Minister Jaiveer Singh, overseeing tourism and culture, announced the launch at the Tourism Department Directorate. Singh emphasized that the classification would be based on quality, services, overall facilities, and guest experiences, aiming to propel the hotel business forward.

Singh highlighted the multi-faceted advantages of this classification system, noting that hotels meeting the criteria would enjoy various incentives, subsidies, and industry-standard tax benefits, amplifying their recognition and support within the industry.

Emphasizing the system’s advantages, the minister stressed its goal of enhancing the state’s hospitality industry by increasing the availability of hotel rooms. He further noted that hotels and resorts offering superior facilities would be eligible for subsidies and incentives aligned with industry standards.

Singh said, Uttar Pradesh is known for its cultural heritage, historical places and vibrant cities. The state government is continuously promoting the tourism industry. The new revised classification system of platinum, diamond, gold, silver and bronze, which are the traditional star ratings of the hotel industry, correspond to 5 Star, 4 Star, 3 Star, 2 Star and 1 Star classification of the hotels, he said.

The revised classification of the hotels will simplify the selection process for tourists. This will also encourage higher service standards among hotels, he said.

Tourism minister said, for the hotel industry to participate in the ranking system and to get more details about the new classification system, the UP Tourism Department has launched a dedicated online portal where one can apply for the new classification system with minimum requisite fee.

Uttar Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation will be the nodal agency for the implementation of the new classification system in the state. The new classification will attract more tourists and promote investment in the hospitality sector of the state, he said.

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