Radico Khaitan unveils Magic Moments Vodka ‘Holi Hai!’ Edition

Radico Khaitan Limited, a leading player in India’s alcoholic beverage industry, is embracing the festive spirit with the launch of a special edition – the Magic Moments Vodka ‘Holi Hai! Edition’.The Magic Moments Vodka ‘Holi Hai!’ Edition is a vibrant celebration of the festival of colours, adding joy and excitement to Holi festivities.

The ‘Holi Hai!’ Edition bottles seamlessly fuse the brand’s distinctive aesthetics with meticulously crafted designs that encapsulate the essence of the festival of colours. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s existing motifs, such as the guitar emblem from Magic Moments Plain and the animated ‘dancing figurines’ from Magic Moments Remix, these elements epitomise the enthusiasm of Magic Moments Vodka brand and Holi. This launch not only highlights Magic Moments’ commitment to innovation and excellence but also meets the surging demand for vodka during festive periods. It offers consumers a unique and unforgettable way to elevate their festive moments, seamlessly blending traditional elements with modern design aesthetics for a truly remarkable experience.

Earlier this year, Radico Khaitan unveiled the Magic Moments Remix Pink Vodka, a meticulously crafted offering designed to cater to the increasing appetite for coloured and flavoured alcoholic beverages. Infused with natural flavours of black mulberry, elderflower, and raspberry, this premium vodka guarantees a distinctive and refined taste adventure that resonates with a diverse spectrum of consumers.

The Magic Moments Vodka collection, including Remix, Verve, Dazzle, and Vodka Cocktails, has become a standout in the industry, highlighting Radico Khaitan’s strong focus on innovation and quality. Achievements like hitting five million cases in FY2023 and holding a significant 60% market share in vodka demonstrate the brand’s leading position. Over time, Magic Moments Vodka has become the top choice for vodka lovers, showcasing its ability to consistently meet and surpass consumer preferences.

Mr. Amar Sinha, Chief Operating Officer at Radico Khaitan, reaffirmed the company’s focus on customer satisfaction, expressing, “As trailblazers in the Indian vodka market, we consistently introduce groundbreaking offerings like the Magic Moments Remix Pink Vodka and the special ‘Holi Hai! Edition’. These products not only uphold our stringent quality standards but also amplify celebratory occasions, fostering deeper connections with our consumers. The ‘Holi Hai! Edition’ bottles impeccably integrate the brand’s iconic style with precisely designed fundamentals that capture the essence of this lively festival. Through this launch, our goal is to enhance the festive experience for our customers by offering the ‘Holi Hai! Edition.’ This unique offering provides consumers with a memorable way to elevate their celebratory moments by effortlessly combining classic features with contemporary design styles, creating an exceptional celebration.”

The special ‘Holi Hai! Edition’ is available in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Daman.

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