Cerana Meads launches unique Mead Taproom in Nashik

Indian Mead brand Cerana Meads launched their taproom at Nashik. This lakeside property offers a breathtaking view of the majestic Sahyadri range, providing the perfect setting for indulging in a glass of mead.
The Cerana Taproom features a variety of meads available on tap, each bursting with flavour and character, with a menu curated specifically to pair with their meads. Mead flavours include pomegranate vanilla mead, chenin blanc mead, blue pea lavender mead, jamun mead, pinot noir pyment and yule spice mead. Additionally, they will soon launch flavours exclusively available at the taproom.
Guests at Cerana Taproom  have the unique opportunity to stay in the Cerenity Castle adjacent to the taproom, a medieval castle themed villa that can host overnight stays for its guests. This experience offers a blend of tradition and innovation. It is an ideal destination for weekend getaways with friends and family.
“We are excited to introduce Cerana Taproom to the vibrant alcobev scene in India. This marks another significant step in our journey to elevate mead culture in the country. This unique experience truly showcases our ‘True to Craft’ meads that we make with premium quality ingredients for a superior experience. The castle is aptly named Cerenity, a play on the words Serene and Cerana which underlines what the brand stands for, take a moment to enjoy what is around you, and encourages you to enjoy the art of the subtle,” said Yoginee Budhkar, Cofounder, Cerana Meads.
Ashwini Deore, Co founder, Cerana Meads, said, “The Cerana Taproom represents a departure from the ordinary in the Indian alcobev scene. It’s not just about serving drinks; it’s about offering an experience that combines the beauty of nature with the rich flavours of mead. Situated against the stunning backdrop of Nashik’s natural scenery, our taproom invites guests to savour the diverse range of mead flavours while enjoying the tranquillity of their surroundings. It’s a departure from the traditional taproom concept, and we’re excited to share this unique experience with alcobev enthusiasts.”

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