Camikara Rum Clinches Gold and Silver at Cachaça Masters 2024 , Making History for Indian Rums

India’s first pure cane juice rum maker, Piccadily Distilleries, has once again set a benchmark for Indian Rums and has created history for India at a global level. At the recently held Rum & Cachaça Masters 2024 competition, Camikara aced the Agricole aged rum category with two golds and a silver. Camikara 12YO and 8YO won gold medals and Camikara 3YO secured a silver medal. Camikara is the only Indian brand to have won among the finest rum and cachaça brands from around the world. The well-deserved accolade shows that the indigenous premium rum has emerged as a worthy contender, and the world is awakening to the new star from India that is Camikara.
The Rum & Cachaça Masters competition, chaired by The Spirits Business, is a prestigious event within the spirits industry held in London, UK. This competition holds significant weight due to its rigorous blind tasting format, which ensures an unbiased evaluation of each entry. The assessment criteria, including aroma, flavor, complexity, and balance, reflect the nuanced qualities that define exceptional rum and cachaça. With experienced professionals and connoisseurs serving as judges, the competition maintains a high standard of evaluation. Their meticulous scrutiny of each entry underscores the dedication to identifying the most exceptional expressions within the categories of rum and cachaça.
Speaking on the achievement, Siddhartha Sharma, Founder, Piccadily Distilleries said, “We wish to break the mindset that rum is a cheap drink. We have therefore produced India’s first pure cane juice rum which is an Agricole style made from fresh cane juice and the palate of which is reminiscent of our weather, soil and sugarcane. This rum stands as a testament to our land and time, unabashedly different to any global product. The aged versions, which are matured for more than eight years, are more comparable to cognacs than rum and the three-year-old younger expression is more akin to premium tequila, giving you the taste of the soil and vegetation where it comes from. Camikara is an all-natural product with no added sugar.”

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