Associated Alcohol & Breweries launches premium gin ‘Nicobar’

Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited (AABL), (BSE- 507526), (NSE- ASALCBR), flagship entity within the Associated Kedia Group,  launched its handcrafted premium gin ‘Nicobar’.

Nicobar is an expertly crafted spirit with a strong yet delectably flowery flavour. It is infused with elderflower and hibiscus, and it provides a subtle flavour experience that is balanced by the peppery sting of grains of paradise. Nicobar is the only gin in the country that uses three distinct juniper kinds, making it unique. Citrus notes from sweet orange peel and coriander seeds add to the richness of this gin, resulting in a well-rounded flavour profile. Nicobar is a complex spirit that may be enjoyed on its own. AABL selected to acquire specialized copper stills for Nicobar’s superior craftsmanship and distillation on purpose.

Tushar Bhandari, Whole Time Director, AABL, said, “The launch of ‘Nicobar’: The Spirit of Exploration, goes beyond introducing a new product; it signifies a bold step in our pursuit of premiumization. This strategic move is a direct response to the increasing market demand for gin, showcasing our commitment to aligning with evolving consumer preferences. Venturing into the gin category allows us to capitalize on opportunities in the growing market, offering diverse and innovative spirits tailored to the discerning tastes of consumers.”

Nicobar’s journey begins with its exclusive availability in select outlets in Madhya Pradesh. This marks the commencement of a meticulously planned strategic rollout that will soon extend its roots to Delhi and Kerela in the coming months. Currently, the gin is presented in a 750 ml SKU, available in Madhya Pradesh at a price of Rs. 2,360 a bottle.

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