‘Froker is well-placed to navigate challenges’ : Akshat Saxena, CEO, Froker

Froker is a pioneering AI-driven quick commerce platform that revolutionises consumer purchasing experiences by seamlessly integrating social media engagement with e-commerce. Founded in March 2023 by Akshat Saxena and Amogh Saxena, Froker addresses the challenge of controlling customer purchase intent in the quick commerce model. The platform combines live commerce with diverse social media platforms, offering users the opportunity to shop, earn benefits, and engage online. Froker boasts a generative AI-driven social media platform where content creators showcase and promote quality products. With over 12,000 downloads and 2000+ daily active users in India and Nepal, Froker is rapidly expanding its presence. Led by Akshat Saxena, CEO, Froker aims to redefine online shopping experiences in Tier 1 and 2 cities. Asmita Mukherjee spoke with Saxena, to know more about the cutting-edge social commerce platform.

Could you kindly provide a description of Froker, including its functionality and business model?

Froker is India’s leading AI-driven social commerce platform, revolutionising online shopping discovery. Its features include Instagram integration, product tagging, and partnerships with influencers and D2C brands. Froker was launched in March 2023 at Bengaluru, starting with a food-delivery service, our revenue streams include percentage commissions from marketplaces and D2C brands, influencer marketing, advertisements, and a Freemium model. This comprehensive approach combines AI, social commerce, and influencer partnerships to enhance user experience and bridge the gap in online product discovery.

Can you provide insights into Froker’s unique positioning as the world’s first social commerce platform powered by AI, and how it distinguishes itself in the market?

Froker is the world’s first AI-powered social commerce platform that personalizes the shopping experience, offers informed purchasing through expert content, and fosters a holistic user journey. It tailors shopping through AI, fosters informed purchasing, and prioritises user satisfaction. And due to this the overall benefits extend to customers, micro influencers/creators (Frokers), and merchants. With a strategic focus on the food sector, Froker ensures quality and efficiency. Our future plans include AI enhancements and community engagement programs. Froker’s innovative AI integration redefines social commerce, offering a personalized experience that benefits users, influencers, and brands.

How does Froker leverage AI to enable HoReCa customers to make informed purchases and generate their own discounts through social media usage?

Froker leverages AI to empower HoReCa customers with personalised product recommendations, expert content from Frokers, and quality selection through AI curation. Customers earn discounts (Furos) by engaging with social media content, further incentivised by the ability to order from multiple suppliers at once. Froker simplifies procurement and empowers HoReCa customers to make informed purchases.

Could you please elaborate on your B2B partnerships with restaurants and hotels?

Froker goes beyond just connecting restaurants and hotels with customers. Froker streamlines online ordering for chains, boosting efficiency. AI precisely targets their ideal audience, maximizing exposure. Valuable data and customer insights help partners refine offerings and marketing. Live commerce and social features build brands and connect restaurants and hotels with customers on a deeper level. Froker transforms food delivery and empowers businesses to thrive.

Can you share any upcoming trends in quick commerce that Froker is keeping an eye on, and how the company plans to adapt and innovate in response to these trends?

Froker anticipates trends in quick commerce, aiming to adapt and innovate accordingly. In its operations and the evolving e-commerce realm, Generative AI (Gen-AI) plays a central role. Gen-AI enhances customer experience through personalized recommendations, tailored content creation, and responsive customer service. Moreover, it empowers merchants by offering valuable market insights, optimising inventory management, and boosting marketing efforts. By leveraging Gen-AI, Froker streamlines processes, personalises experiences, and equips merchants with the tools needed to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. This strategic integration of AI ensures Froker remains at the forefront of innovation, anticipating and embracing emerging trends in quick commerce.

What are some of the challenges and opportunities you foresee in the quick commerce space, and how is Froker positioned to navigate them successfully?

The quick commerce landscape faces hurdles like ensuring rapid deliveries everywhere and fierce competition. Consumer demands keep rising, and sustainability is a growing concern. However, opportunities abound with advancements in AI and data for personalization and efficiency. Market expansion beyond food and eco-friendly practices are key differentiators.Froker is well-placed to navigate these challenges. Its AI personalizes the experience and streamlines logistics, while its expanding offerings cater to more needs. Commitment to sustainability attracts eco-conscious customers. Strategic partnerships further enhance its services. Through technology, market growth, and a focus on green practices, Froker is positioned to thrive in the quick commerce space.Froker is well-placed to navigate these challenges. Its AI personalises the experience and streamlines logistics, while its expanding offerings cater to more needs. Commitment to sustainability attracts eco-conscious customers. Strategic partnerships further enhance its services. Through technology, market growth, and a focus on green practices, Froker is positioned to thrive in the quick commerce space.

Could you outline Froker’s roadmap for the future and any new products or initiatives that the company is currently working on or planning to launch in the near future keeping HoReCa industry in mind?

Froker isn’t stopping at revolutionising food delivery. Our roadmap is packed with exciting features for the HoReCa industry. Imagine AI suggesting exactly what a restaurant needs, or visualising equipment in the kitchen before you buy it with AR. Froker plans to expand into new product categories, prioritise eco-friendly practices, and streamline operations for businesses. By focusing on innovation, sustainability, and industry needs, Froker is set to become the one-stop shop for HoReCa success.


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