Hyatt Place Gurgaon organises week-long celebration to appreciate its housekeeping staff

On entering a room, guests are quick to evaluate its upkeep and equate that with the quality of the hotel. Little do they know of the arduous task that is designing the perfect welcome and stay experience. It is not an exaggeration to say that housekeepers are the “unsung heroes” who have tremendous influence on the hotel.

To appreciate its housekeeping staff, Hyatt Place Gurgaon is having a week-long celebration consisting of photo sessions, fun activities and accolades. Special breakfast, pot decoration and painting are other leisure activities through which their contribution is being recognized.

They are seen working around the clock is its own niche that follows a code of rules and procedure for the smallest of things. From preparing the bed to the well-stocked room amenities; there is a reason why everything appears the way it does.

For Sidharth Satija, Housekeeping Manager, who leads the housekeeping team, it is a multifaceted role and you’re always on the go. “Housekeeping plays a huge role in welcoming the guests. This role gives me great satisfaction as I’m aware that I am aiding guest experience”, he says. With his diverse knowledge and extensive experience, he has trained his staff in multi-tasking, time management, product knowledge and, know-how of different aspects.

While the staff may not directly interact with guests, they are able to provide personalized inputs that puts a smile on their faces. These things do not usually get highlighted as much but for those who are in this business, they find satisfaction in having made a difference.

With technology and new equipment on the rise, Satija is positive about the future but there are also challenges that he anticipates. Guest expectations are on the rise and they now expect higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene than they did before. According to him, customer expectations are rising but there is a gap in the resources.

As James Howard Goodnight, an American billionaire businessman and software developer truly said, “Treat employees like they make a difference and they will”, capture the spirit of the ongoing celebration. As long as they are valued and treated well, small compliments go a long way.


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