LOUIS BURGER Launches in Hyderabad

The signature craft burgers created as a tribute to the legend Louis Lassen for introducing the concept of the burger to the world. To make sure it does justice to the great man, the team at Massive Restaurants has conceptualized, researched and worked on these masterpieces for over a year.

The menu boasts of a ‘Smashed Lamb Cheese Burger’ with animal sauce and Swiss Emmental, headlining the mix is the ‘Monster Cheeseburger’ with double buff patty, English cheddar & Chicken Ham. Not leaving out the classic ‘Chicken Burger’ with honey mustard and cheese. The ‘Grilled AF Chicken Burger’ has truffle mayo, grilled chicken and English cheddar. Along with this, LOUIS BURGER offers a variety of plant-based burgers too. The ‘Vegan Gratitude Burger’ is power packed indulgence complete with beets, beans, sweet potato, jalapenos, confit tomato and vegan mayo. LOUIS BURGER takes burgers to a level fit for a KING. The LIMITED EDITION section offers two burgers, the ‘Truffletake Burger’ with shiitake, exotic shimeji mushrooms, truffle mayo, truffle oil, english cheddar and parmesan, to add to that imperial touch Gold varq adorns this Burger, making it totally unique. The ‘Louis Grand Royale’ is a robust double patty buff burger with exotic shimeji mushrooms, truffle, special Louis sauce, english cheddar and gold waraq.

Massive Restaurants and Zorawar Kalra bring LOUIS BURGER to the virtual restaurant world on the 07th of December offering yet another unforgettable gourmet experience with every bite.


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