Bengaluru’s Hospitality Industry Booms as Food Joints Flourish

Bengaluru’s Hospitality Industry Booms as Food Joints Flourish

According to The Hindu, Bengaluru, known for its vibrant culinary scene, continues to witness a surge in food establishments, reflecting the city’s growing status as a hub for industries, tourism, and investments. According to P. C. Rao, president of the Bruhat Bengaluru Hoteliers’ Association (BBHA), nearly one-fourth of the commercial establishments in Bengaluru are now food joints.

In 2023 alone, around 200 new food establishments, ranging from Darshinis to five-star hotels, emerged in the city.  Rao highlighted the diverse range of culinary experiences available in Bengaluru, with coffee prices varying from INR 10 to INR 250 per cup. Additionally, plans are underway for the inauguration of at least 10 major hotels, including brands like Hyatt, Hilton, and JW Marriott, in 2024.

The rapid growth of Bengaluru’s hospitality industry is attributed to the influx of industries, startups, and government organizations in the city. With aerospace, automobile, and electric vehicle industries, along with numerous regional offices and research centers, Bengaluru attracts thousands of visitors daily.

Increased investment is another driving force behind the expansion of hospitality properties. Post-COVID, the sector witnessed a resurgence in demand, leading to heightened investment interest from real estate companies, politicians, and entrepreneurs. Mukesh Tolani, head of the Bengaluru chapter of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), emphasized the industry’s allure and profitability, particularly in establishments with bars, including microbreweries.

However, amidst the industry’s growth, pub owners face challenges in obtaining liquor licenses, leading to a surge in the resale of licenses. Despite these hurdles, the hospitality sector in Bengaluru remains optimistic, with indications of sustained growth and development in the coming years.

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