PCMC launches ‘Hotel Waste to Biogas’ initiative

The PCMC ( Pimpri Chinchwas Municipal Corporation) is actively implementing measures to efficiently manage waste disposal through the implementation of the “Hotel Waste to Biogas” initiative. Previously, there was a lack of an effective system to handle the substantial amounts of food and wet waste generated by hotels, restaurants, and other areas. To tackle this problem, the “Hotel Waste to Biogas” project has been set up in Moshi as part of the Swachh Bharat Yojana.

The biogas plant is responsible for transforming wet waste from hotels into biogas, which is then converted into CNG. This CNG is utilized as fuel for vehicles that are used in waste transportation, resulting in a reduction in municipal fuel expenses. At present, the plant has the capability to manage 50 tonnes of waste daily, but there are ongoing plans to enhance its capacity to 200 tonnes per day within the next 15 years. Through the processing of hotel and wet waste, the project aims to address unpleasant odors in the vicinity and encourage the adoption of zero-waste practices.

All lodging facilities, dining establishments, food outlets, and other businesses operating within the city boundaries participate in this program by separating their organic waste, which is then picked up by specially equipped vehicles with GPS tracking. This initiative not only focuses on waste disposal but also promotes environmental sustainability through the use of biogas as a fuel source for transportation. Additionally, any excess biogas can be sold commercially, offering further advantages to the local government.

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