‘We see ourselves with 100+ outlets by 2028’: Vikrant Batra, Co-founder, Cafe Delhi Heights

vikrant Batra, Co-founder, Cafe Delhi Heights
Asmita Mukherjee| Hyderabad
Soaring on the fourth floor of The Inorbit Mall Mindspace, Hyderabad with a flamboyant ambience, Café Delhi Heights is the new hotspot in town. Vibrant and well-lit interiors create a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for any occasion.
The interior immerses visitors in a sophisticated ambience. White curtains billow around cabana-style seating, while beautiful lanterns cast a warm glow overhead. This creates a perfect balance – a touch of romance intertwined with a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.
The restaurant boasts a globe-trotting menu, tempting one with an array of cuisines. From Indian specialities to continental classics and Chinese favourites, one will find a wide variety of dishes to satisfy any craving.

Vikrant batra cafe delhi heightsThe three-generational, all-day global comfort diner – Cafe Delhi Heights began as a single outlet in the capital in 2011, quickly capturing hearts with its vibrant ambience and diverse menu and is now led by Vikrant Batra. Today, it boasts 42 outlets across 13 Indian cities, with more on the horizon. The brand recently debuted in Hyderabad and Srinagar will soon be home to their newest venture. Batra reveals  six more outlets are planned within the next six months. He explained, “Our next outlet is opening in the most beautiful city of India – Srinagar. Over the next six months, we are planning to open 6 new outlets.”

With such widespread expansion, ensuring consistent quality is important, Batra said, “Consistency in quality and experience is paramount at Cafe Delhi Heights, and we achieve this through a blend of thorough training, rigorous quality control, and a steadfast commitment to our core values.

To begin, every member of our team receives comprehensive training to ensure they fully grasp the standards we uphold.

Additionally, we implement stringent quality control measures throughout our operations.”

Cafe Delhi Heights has seen impressive revenue growth, driven by expansion, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. The company closely tracks key metrics like customer traffic and satisfaction to guide decision-making and optimise operations. “Our revenue has grown 3 times in the past three years. We have always been profitable both at the store and corporate level. As a corporate policy, we don’t believe in the cash burn concept,” said Batra.

Batra informed that Cafe Delhi Heights has achieved this impressive growth through bootstrapping by reinvesting profits from both stores and corporate levels. “We have been bootstrapped till date, with profits both at the store and the corporate level. We see ourselves with 100+ outlets by 2028. And with the demand the brand is experiencing, for opening new outlets we are now tapping the private equity route to fund this growth. “

In the ever-evolving food and beverage industry, Cafe Delhi Heights prioritises staying attuned to customer preferences and industry trends. “We regularly engage with our customers, seeking feedback and actively listening to their evolving needs. We also regularly keep doing pop-up menus and study the customer response in detail to understand their preferences.

Additionally, we keep a close eye on industry trends, attending conferences, and networking with fellow entrepreneurs to stay informed.

Embracing technology plays a crucial role as well, allowing us to analyze data and identify patterns that guide our decisions,” Batra stated.

As Cafe Delhi Heights has reached to 42 outlets across India, finalising he locations was a meticulous job for the team. Batra informed, “When deciding on new locations for expansion, Cafe Delhi Heights undertakes a comprehensive evaluation process. We analyse the demographic makeup and economic prospects of the area to gauge the demand for our cuisine and dining experience. This includes assessing factors like population density, income levels, and lifestyle trends.

Additionally, we thoroughly evaluate the local market dynamics, including foot traffic patterns, visibility, and accessibility, to determine the suitability of the location for attracting customers. Furthermore, we conduct a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape to identify potential opportunities and challenges in the market.

We also take into account cultural and regional preferences to tailor our offerings to suit the local palate and preferences.”

Innovation and menu development are central to Cafe Delhi Heights’ strategy for catering to evolving customer preferences. Their all time in-demand items are Galouti kebab, Amritsar fish fry, Kerala fish fry, Chicken 65, and Chicken tikka among others. The cafe has also launched a new global menu which garnered immediate customer attention due to its inclusion of exotic delicacies like Chicken  Fajita.

While speaking on the menu Batra said “We approach innovation and menu development with a customer-centric mindset to cater to changing tastes and preferences.

To begin with, we keep a close pulse on emerging food trends, consumer feedback, and market research. This helps us to identify shifting preferences and areas of opportunity. Our culinary team then collaborates to brainstorm and experiment with new dishes and concepts that reflect these insights which resonate with our customers while staying true to our brand identity.

Additionally, we also keep doing a lot of seasonal and special menus so our customers can enjoy recipes made out of the local seasonal produce and they can also look forward to something new apart from the normal menu.

Through our commitment to innovation and responsiveness to customer feedback, we ensure that Cafe Delhi Heights remains a destination where customers can discover new flavors and enjoy memorable dining experiences.”

 The long-term vision for Cafe Delhi Heights is to revolutionise the food industry by setting a new standard for family-friendly dining. Batra emphasises continuous innovation while staying true to their roots to maintain relevance and appeal to families across the country. The ultimate goal is to take Cafe Delhi Heights global, establishing it as a successful international brand.”Our vision is to revolutionize the food industry by setting a new standard for family-friendly dining that combines the best of casual and fine dining experiences. We strive to continuously innovate our menu and offerings, while staying true to our roots and heritage, to remain relevant and appealing to families across the country. We plan to take this legacy forward by making it a global venture and expanding the business on both national and international levels.

Cafe Delhi Heights isn’t afraid to push boundaries. The launch of Cafe Delhi Heights 2.0 marks their foray into new concepts – Ikigai and Neighbours, “We have also launched Café Delhi Heights 2.0 in which our latest endeavours are called Ikigai and Neighbours. Ikigai and Neighbours are more than just restaurants; they are a sanctuary where passion, purpose, and culinary excellence converge to create an unparalleled dining experience,” Batra concluded.


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