ITC launches its tenth Peshawri dining establishment ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad

ITC Hotels signature brand Peshawri, known for its rich, robust and traditional flavors of the North-West Frontier region, continues to expand as its 10th dining establishment at ITC Kohenur opens in Hyderabad.

Anil Chadha, Chief Executive, ITC Hotels, says, “Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we open the 10th Peshawri at ITC Kohenur. Brand Peshawri has a very loyal following. The affection and feedback from our patrons encouraged us to bring this dining experience to Hyderabad. Our team has worked diligently, upholding the highest standards of quality and consistency, promising an impeccable and enriching food journey. The expansion in ITC Hotels’ signature food & beverage repertoire reflects our commitment to deliverexceptional gastronomic experiences, rooted in tradition, and celebrated globally. We remain dedicated to setting new benchmarks in hospitality and shallcontinue to expand the culinary footprint as the language of food is universal” The restaurant, with a seating capacity of 84 covers, embraces all signature elements of ‘Peshawri’. From the rugged interiors to strong, earthy colours with wooden stools and rough-hewn trestle tables laden with delicacies from the tandoor, creates an ambience that immerses guests in a sensory journey of the North West Frontier flavours. A culinary experience unlike any other, the master chefs at Peshawri showcase their expertise in the art of tandoor cooking, a technique that involves marinating and slow-cooking meat in tandoors. This meticulous process ensures the true essence of each ingredient is preserved to bring out remarkable flavours.

The menu at Peshawri features an array of tantalizing kebabs. Signature dishes include the globally acclaimed Dal Bukhara, slow-cooked overnight over a coal fire for 18 hours, the Sikandari Raan, tender leg of lamb braised in spices and finished in the tandoor, and the flavourful Kadak Seekh. The Kadak Seekh presents chargrilled chicken minced rolls, stuffed with a delightful blend of green chillies and cheese, batter-fried to perfection, offering a crisp and savoury indulgence that complements the rich flavours at Peshawri.

A visual delight at Peshawri is the Naan Bukhara, an impressive bread that adds a theatrical touch as guests appreciate Chefs artistic flair, a great memory of this culinary experience.

Guests are encouraged to embrace the tactile experience of eating with their hands, perfected by charming interiors in a mix of copper and earthen tableware that adds to the rustic charm.Enhancing the dining experience is Peshawri’s exclusive and unique cocktail menu, named Tamba, offering signature cocktails served in rustic copperware designed to complement the distinct culinary flavours.

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