CoCo ICHIBANYA, Japanese curry chain launches its second outlet in New Delhi

CoCo ICHIBANYA, the world’s largest Japanese curry restaurant chain brand with over 1400 outlets across cities like Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Singapore and Bangkok, is expanding its footprint in India with the launch of its second outlet at My Square, the food court at Select Citywalk Mall, Saket on October 6, 2022. Being the first of its kind Japanese restaurant chain in India, CoCo ICHIBANYA aims to create a new age revolution in India’s F&B industry by offering a wholesome Japanese culinary experience through comfort food in the form of delicious curries.

With its launch, CoCo ICHIBANYA will offer guests an authentic Japanese dining experience with a delectable selection of appetizers, curries, udon noodles and doria. Priced at Rs 600 for two, the menu consists of both non-vegetarian as well as plenty of vegetarian options, whilst ensuring the highest quality as per global standards. Some of the signature dishes on the menu are Stewed Crispy Chicken Curry, Seafood Curry, Cheese Croquette Curry, Chicken Katsu Curry Udon, Shrimp Doria, and Mushroom Doria. Japanese-style toppings such as cheese croquette, chicken or shrimp cutlet, fried fish, and fried shrimp are also on offer. All curries are served with Japanese sticky rice.

Located at My Square, the food court of Select Citywalk, CoCo ICHIBANYA is an image of a typical ‘Yoshoku’ restaurant with a refreshing European interior design, reflecting a modern take on Japanese traditions. Moreover, the restaurant is designed for maximum efficiency and therefore, it features wax replicas of their dishes to help diners make an order decision. It is also made using white tiles, which are typical for a Yoshoku restaurant.

Furthermore, CoCo ICHIBANYA takes on Indian tradition with its interpretation of Chicken Keema Curry and Paratha Curry Set, among other dishes. It’s about as accurate a rendition as anything at CoCo ICHIBANYA, where appropriation and reinvention get a Japanese spin. Moreover, CoCo ICHIBANYA is adapting to Indian culture and religious sentiments by bringing in more chicken, seafood and vegetarian options. Patrons also have the option to customize their rice portions, spice levels (Mild, Standard, Hot Spicy and Spicy Tomato), and toppings according to their mood.

Devesh Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer of CoCo ICHIBANYA, India says, “We are ecstatic about the launch of CoCo ICHIBANYA’s second outlet at Select Citywalk. As the name suggests, Ichibanya means number one which reflects well in our menu, services and experience. With this launch, we are bringing something new to the table, that is, <authentic but comfort> Japanese food, which is what most shoppers crave for especially after a shopping spree. As we aim to bring a bit of Japanese culture with our world famous curries, every aspect of the outlet has been carefully designed to bring the experience of Japan, keeping in mind the Indian tastes and preferences. Moreover, <the idea that anyone can enjoy authentic Japanese because there is non-sushi, non-sashimi> is quite exciting for me and the entire CoCoICHI team. It is the perfect option for curry and spice lovers who are keen to try something different from the typical Indian and Mediterranean curries. We are also excited to see how customers will react to the customizable options we have for our curries as such a system does not yet exist at Indian restaurants.”

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