The Fern Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way with Sustainable Seed Ganpati Celebration

The Fern Hotels & Resorts, a distinguished name in the eco-friendly hospitality industry, is pioneering a sustainable approach to commemorate the Ganpati Festival. The brand is celebrating Ganpati Festival through the use of Seed Ganpati idols across all its properties in Maharashtra, underlining its commitment to environmental consciousness and the promotion of a greener future.

“We are thrilled to embrace sustainability in our Ganpati Festival celebrations with  Seed Ganpati idols. Our goal is to encourage everyone to celebrate with reverence for nature, understanding that every act of devotion can also be an act of preservation. By initiating eco-friendly practices in Ganpati Festival we are nurturing a visionary path towards a greener environment. ” remarked Mr. Suhail Kannampilly, Managing Director, The Fern Hotels & Resorts.

The innovative idols, crafted from Red Soil, Organic Fertilizers, Natural Colors, and Seeds, possess a unique feature: post-celebration, they can be immersed in water and planted in soil transforming into trees, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of the immersion process. The idols offer a sustainable alternative that addresses the water pollution predicament that plagues water bodies every year during the festival. Through the immersion of these idols, they contribute to tree growth, fostering a greener environment and mitigating the harmful effects of the immersion process.

The Fern Hotels & Resorts have consistently led the way in sustainability initiatives. In addition to Seed Ganpati idols, the brand employs several other eco-friendly practices during the Ganpati Festival celebrations. Hand-made clay diyas replace conventional oil lamps, reusable fabric decorates their venues, and plastic and polystyrene are conscientiously avoided. These practices not only elevate the guest experience during the Ganpati Festival but also foster a profound and eco-conscious celebration.

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