Chrome Hospitality Bets Big On Creator Economy; Helps Creators Launch F&B Led Brands/Establishments

Mumbai based Chrome Hospitality, is doubling down on helping content creators open their own restaurant brands, bringing forth a new chapter in the burgeoning creator-led offline brand space. The brand is partnering with creators managed by NOFILTR group like Archana Kochhar, Funcho (Dhruv & Shyam) & mr.mnv (Manav Chhabra) to help them tap into establishing an offline brand presence. With over ten outlets across cities, Chrome Hospitality by Pawan Shahri, Nikita Harisinghani & Dhaval Udeshi, is one of the fastest hospitality brands in the country.

The F&B sector is touted to be a high-profit sector and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.2 % from 2020-2024. Betting big on the sector, Chrome Hospitality is all set to partner with some of the key faces from India’s creator economy and help them enter the burgeoning F&B market. With a view to offer holistic assistance, Chrome Hospitality will not only help creators with the operations, logistics, business side of things but also the minor details such as food photography, event curation, and limited-edition menu launches, etc.

Talking about this initiative, Pawan Shahri, CEO and Founder of Chrome Hospitality said, “We at Chrome Hospitality are committed towards being on the forefront of elevating hospitality as a sector. By partnering with creators, we wish to drive change and build communities while keeping hospitality at the core. Backed with more than a decade of experience, we understand what today’s customer is looking for and we will leverage our expertise of curating the best experiences for each creator’s community. As per our model, we are committed to help creators earn a return of at least 20-25% on their investments. We look forward to building and growing this vertical under the consultancy arm of Chrome Hospitality. This is the first of its kind initiative and we are certain that the response will be very encouraging from both the creator economy and audiences ”

Adding on, Dhaval Udeshi, Founder, Chrome Hospitality said, “We are a new-age brand, we thrive on experiments and are always looking at newer avenues to expand Chrome’s footprint. India’s creator economy is growing exponentially and we see a huge opportunity for these creators to leverage their online communities to build offline brands. With guaranteed profits and a commitment to build offline communities in the form of these establishments, we are confident that this move will be welcomed not only by creators across the spectrum.”

Each new brand will be carefully curated to establish an instant-connect with the creator involved. Commenting on the ideation process. Nikita Harisinghani, Founder, Chrome Hospitality, adds, “We want to give love and support to the massive distribution channels that these creators have built tirelessly, day in day out, each of them has a certain personality that the audience resonates with – we want to bring that alive.With fitness-oriented lifestyle creator Mr.MNV, we’re starting a health cafe with multiple rooms in Bandra, which we’ll help setup and franchise so that we can scale the brand together; With Funcho, two extremely funny (and trending!) creators from Virar, we’re launching a pure-veg pizza restaurant in western parts of Mumbai, and hope to open more stores soon after and with fashion influencer Archana Kochhar, we’ve curated an exclusive lunch and high tea menu in partnership with Chrome’s very own Donna Deli.”

These associations come as an extension to Chrome Hospitality’s vision to change the way F&B and restaurants are viewed in India and to encourage entrepreneurship in the sector. With the success of this model, Chrome is looking to collaborate with more such creators and talent agencies in the near future.

Growing on a year on year basis, Chrome Hospitality will also be soon launching across micro markets and going global in the months to come.

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