Sattvik Council of India Signs MOU With IHM BHOPAL

Acknowledging the importance of possessing a degree by hospitality students, the Sattvik Council of India signed a MoU with the Institute of Hotel Management, Bhopal.

Through this collaborative agreement, “Sattvik Market-Friendly Incubators” will now be open in the Institute. Students can pursue training courses on lead auditor, internal and consciousness programs.

A MOU to this effect was signed between the two organizations in the presence of Abhishek Biswas, Founder, SCI, and Anand Kumar Singh, Principal of IHM, Bhopal.
The two bodies have grown from strength to strength for the benefit of the student community, especially for those who wish to pursue their degree in a vegetarian speciality now. Additionally, a series of seminars were conducted too on “Sattva”: The Ultimate Pure: Applications of Sattvik Certifications.

Biswas was the keynote speaker at the seminar. He said, “SCI always envisioned transforming certification into education and training from the start. It’s a hugely remarkable day in history for both of the organizations as we open our gateway to the Sattvik Centre of Excellence with IHM, Bhubaneshwar.”

The Sattvik Certifications in their domain were presented by Pratishtha Awasthi, National head; Purva Sharma, International head; and Anshi Bansal, Training head.
The student community will benefit from this arrangement as now they are able to pursue courses in specialized vegetarian programs either in hospitality or management through IHM Bhopal and also secure a good job in the same. There is a constant endeavour to improve academic administration and curriculum upgradation through better academic administration and curriculum upgradation through the involvement of subject-matter specialists from both bodies.

This was an important step that was needed as vegetarians have to take a step back from the bigger businesses in the world, and it is a drawback. Even though I respect all food choices, we cannot disregard courses in vegetarian management or audit. We are facing a huge lack of employability after the pandemic. It has increased because now the students will be able to earn a dispensable income after the completion of the course. There is still a lot to achieve. A vote of thanks was given by Chef Kumar Satyam, Sr. Lecturer.

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