But, what are the features of a hotel channel manager that make it great?
Connection speed, integrations, reliability, user interface … the list of features a good channel manager has are quite long (pssst … see STAAH’s channel manager features to know what a good channel manager should have). Top of this features list is being “cloud-based”.

What is a cloud-based channel manager?

Any cloud-based application harnesses the power of the world wide web to be connected seamlessly and in real-time. For a channel manager that is cloud-based, this means the ability to connect from anywhere to update rates and availability, minimising the risks of double bookings or over bookings.

Most cloud-based channels, including STAAH, are integrated with a hotel’s property management system (PMS), making the booking process even more seamless. The channel manager picks reservation and rates updates made in the PMS and immediately distributes it to the connected channel. A cloud-based application plays a critical role in making sure these updates are immediate.

1 ) To connect from anywhere, anytime.

No matter how remote your property, once you are connected to a channel manager such as STAAH, you can be assured that updates made to rates and availability, whether in the channel manager or in the PMS, there go live instantly to all your chosen channels. No more booking errors!

2) Advanced integrations via APIs to OTAs

Taking on-the-go updates to the next level, the cloud-based STAAH channel manager has a mobile application that allows users to make updates from anywhere. Staff no longer need to be at their desk to make updates or review bookings to make key decisions on rates.

4) An invaluable data source


An invaluable data source as your channel manager is connected to multiple guest acquisition points, as well as your property management system. This enables you to create guest profiles, and understand your guests and their needs better in order to attract them to your hotel and maximise revenue. The STAAH  Max channel manager has an insightful and highly visual reporting feature that allows you to make smarter, data-based decisions.

5) An all-in-one system

A cloud-based channel manager can be integrated not just to online channels and your PMS, but also revenue management tools, accounting software and other operational or housekeeping management platforms to make service delivery seamless and performant.

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